Grace Shaw

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WillDaBeast Adams is Beastly Indeed

William "WillDaBeast" Adams is a renowned hip-hop dancer/ choreographer hailing all the way from Indiana. He has made quite the name for himself over the last few years. You might remember him and his dance crew from the popular show "America's Got T...
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The Blind Beggar Pub is Poppin’

I remember when I first moved to Calgary and I was inexperienced in terms of which bars to go to, so naturally I turned to my more experienced friends to make those types of decisions for me a lot of the time. I can easily say I was never disappointe...
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Cactus Club Cafe is the Place To Be

After living in Calgary for a year (my birthplace) you could say I've been around the block. I moved back when I turned 20 because I wanted to understand more about who I was and what my roots were. Being 21, it's no secret that I love to party! I've...