The Devonian Gardens

This is a place I have yet to visit but have an overwhelming desire to. When I finally get the chance to, rest assured I will write about the experience I had there. The inspiration for this post came from my significant other, in all honesty, in the form of a suggestion.

Naturally, I began researching restlessly and I’m thrilled to know that one day in the future I will visit the Devonian Gardens, Calgary’s one and only indoor park!

For those who have frequented my posts, it is known to you that I have lived in Calgary for almost two years now, as it currently stands. There is no excuse as to why I haven’t visited this area of Calgary other than sheer ignorance as nobody had made it known to me that such a place existed. It’s thrilling to be informed.


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So why am I so excited? Simply because this place is like a living dream. I’m the type of woman who loves nature and anything mystical. I feel like this botanical garden would be a perfect date spot, an ideal place to get inspired, and above all, an enjoyable atmosphere in general.

The Devonian Gardens officially opened up in the year 1977 and was designed by J.H Cook Architects and Engineers, and donated to the City of Calgary Devonian Group of Charitable Foundations and Calford Properties, which by now as you’ve probably gathered is how the name of this beautiful park came into fruition.

The park cost a staggering 9 million dollars to develop.

I’m sorry, what was that? Yes, 9 million. A moment of silence, if you will.

When Devonian Gardens was first opened to the public, it was a state-of-the-art facility that attracted international attention. Over 30 years later, much of the infrastructure had exceeded its lifecycle, and Calgary Parks embarked on a complete renovation of this key feat. The park was then reopened on June 27 in 2012, and is still brimming with beauty and excellence to this day.


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Some of the features of this indoor park include are 50 different varieties of plants, seating throughout the park, a children’s playground,  ponds and water features with fish, educational programs, drop-in programs, free WiFi (woo hoo!) and 900 square feet of “living wall.” among it’s numerous alluring qualities.

Come visit one of the world’s largest indoor public parks located in the heart of Calgary! Step into this unique “urban oasis” with towering palm trees, soothing water features and shimmering Koi fish. Bask in the natural light coming in from the walls of windows and large skylights overhead. Explore over 50 varieties of plant and visit the 900-square-foot “living wall” – a great spot for photos.

Located in the Core Shopping Centre, Devonian Gardens is a popular downtown destination perfect for all ages. Another cool feature is the “Agents of Nature” mobile app that will take visitors on an exciting garden scavenger hunt. Event space is available to rent for meetings, weddings and corporate functions – call 311 for details.

If you are interested I encourage you to take the time to check out this hot spot and write about your experience in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

For more information call 403-268-CITY (2489) or inquire online.
I also encourage you to visit their official Facebook page for updates and to see other people’s experiences at the beautiful oasis.



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