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Elysian Eloquence is still fresh and has yet to see as much traction as I desire, but I recall when I first held this thought, I arrived to the realization that seeds don’t transform into flowers overnight. It takes time, hard work, and loving dedication to see a plant’s growth through into it’s finality. At first you can’t visualize the seed because the soil is concealing it, but soon enough as time continues to progress, a tiny sprout will penetrate the soil and eventually in the right conditions it will reach full maturity. This is the ideal vision I hold in my mind’s eye for my creative endeavor. For it to one day reach full maturity so that all may see and appreciate it’s glory.

Like the seed, the larvae doesn’t become a butterfly in a single day. Metamorphosis is a process too. Metamorphosis takes time. My visions will need to be constantly energized and fed before they truly manifest themselves on a grander scale. Likewise, who I am now, who I’ve been, and who I am on my way to becoming are all related to this same line of thinking. This thought brings me a great release.

I’ve played with the idea of starting a Facebook page and blog for a couple of years now. I’ve always had a passion for the written word, as I feel I am more readily able to express my viewpoints and thoughts in a concise manner, and with ease. Words are like building blocks. In the same breath, words can be a hindrance. Sometimes the best human experiences are unspoken. There is no right or wrong between the balance of the two opposing ideals.

For those who have followed my work writing for Mobtreal in the past, it was that particular opportunity that endowed me with the experience and confidence to more readily pursue my ideals.

I feel like Elysian Eloquence is in a stage of social experimentation more than it is in a stage of full-fledged development. I find myself brainstorming ways to promote it more effectively and have my story heard. Essentially the page is my own personal cultivation of beliefs, thoughts, poems, blog-like entries etc. which are ideally intended to uplift and inspire other’s who may relate or feel lost in terms of their own spiritual path. To help even one person on their journey would be satisfying enough.

Every day I post a “word of the day” as well as a “song of the day” and generally an original poem I have written. I like to think this gives the page some consistency and something for people to look forward to every day. I challenge myself to pick music that I’ve never heard before, as well as words that are uncommonly used in everyday speech so that I’m also pushing myself to discover new things and expand my horizons. This is not only to my benefit though but also for the benefit of those who avidly follow my work.

Essentially, I desire to create an online community of open-minded individuals participating and sharing their insights so that we may grow not only intellectually, but above all spiritually as a collective. I wish for this to be an open space of complete love and acceptance, regardless of differing religious/ spiritual views. It is our differences in perspective and the beliefs we hold about both ourselves and the world that offer a perfect catalyst for our collective expansion as human beings. In my own personal belief, acceptance and love are what drive us to be better as they endow us with the confidence we need to press forward through our earthly trials and tribulations.

Above all, I desire to not only personally grow through this experience but to grow with the community I have created. I’m thrilled to see what the future has in store for me, and I intend to continue pursuing my dreams until my desired outcome is made manifest. If you are interested, I encourage you to take the time to check out my Facebook page (as the blog is a work in progress.)

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Love & Light xo

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